Xylosandrus ursa Sampsonius sp. Cyclorhipidion sp.

Scolytid research of Anthony Cognato and the Holistic Insect Systematics Lab

This page serves as a portal to our various scolytid-related research projects.

Xyleborini – Monographic research of tropical bark beetles (Scolytinae: Xyleborini): Preservation and modernization of taxonomic expertise

Key to the World genera of Xyleborini

Xyleborini of New Guinea: Keys to genera and species

Conophthorus – Molecular phylogenetic taxonomy of pine cone beetles, (Scolytinae: Conophthorus).

Camptocerus – Biology

The Ambrosia Symbiosis website

Amasa resectus Camptocerus sp. Eccoptopterus limbus
Photos: top row © Jiri Hulcr (Xylosandrus ursus, Sampsonius sp. and Cyclorhipidion sp.), bottom row © Stephanie Dole (Amasa resectus , Camptocerus sp. and Eccoptopterus limbus).